On choosing words

Words are hard to choose. There are many words that mean the same thing. To me, it appears there are two questions in choosing words.

1. What do you want to communicate.
2. How will it be interpreted.

And there in lies the great difficulty in writing. What does the reader actually want? Granted, there are many types of readers. Some read for enjoyment, others because of inertia, and some others out of masochistic pride. I read for a mixture of all three.

I have no answers here. But it’s a question I’m pondering over. What do you, the reader, want from me? Isn’t late night television, instant pornography, or contacts sports doing it for you? Why the heck do you want to open a book and subject yourself to the pain of imagining and to the whim of the author?

Thank god for you.


As an afterward, I am reading three books today. The bonfire of the vanities (Wolfe), A wild sheet chase (Murakami), The amazing adventures of cavalier & play (chabon). How sweet life is.

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